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Estate Buyouts

T & C Estate Sales will appraise and buy contents from your Estate; from a single item to the entire contents of your home. We will buy all manner of items from your Estate, offering great value without the hassle and drama of an Estate Sale.

What Is An Estate Buyout?

An Estate Buyout is a streamlined transaction where we will come in, assess the Estate at no cost to you, and provide a competitive price for the sale of all the items in the home or Estate. There are many reasons why our clients consider an Estate Sale or Buyout and everyone’s circumstances are just as different as they are valid.

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Buys Vs Buyouts

If you are only looking to downsize or sell certain items from an Estate, we also offer Estate Buys, where specific and chosen items are bought and sold. If you are just looking to sell that Antique Hutch, Grandpa’s old rifle or some unwanted jewelry, etc. we are more than happy to appraise these select items and provide you with a competitive offer.

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