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T&C Estate Sales 

We are passionate about what we do and provide integrity, professionalism, realistic evaluations, and most of all experience!

Estate Sales

From small to large Estate sales 

Estate Buyouts

Full and partial Estate Buyouts


General sales of household goods

Locally Owned

Our team is local! We're based out of Molalla Oregon and provide services throughout the Willamette Valley, Eastern Oregon, and Southern Oregon.


How it works

Once our services are engaged for a sale, we generally work in your home for the week prior to the sale. Our sales are usually run on a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday however this can be tailored to your specific needs. 

Before The Sale

  • Organize, stage, inventory and photograph all items for sale (We protect our clients by putting aside personal effects to avoid identify theft.)

  • Designate traffic & private areas clearly with large signs

  • Research – we are appraisers and use our vast knowledge to establish fair market value for all items – all items are researched prior to each sale to determine current values.

  • Price – by the day before the sale we make it a priority to price all items with large posters and /or price tags

  • Advertise – we promote the sale on our website, on, through local newspapers, craigslist, Facebook, Offerup, and if permitted by the town, use free standing directional signs. 

During The Sale

  • We employ a door person and use a number system for crowd control

  • We have a set cashier at a cash table who collects payment and makes an ongoing list of items and their selling prices (you will receive a copy of this list)

  •  We make sure we have enough knowledgeable staff to secure the house and content

  •  After an item is sold it is the responsibility of the buyer to pack and remove purchases. If they are large items, we can refer movers to facilitate the process.

After The Sale

  • We provide you with a detailed receipt off all transactions above a pre determined value and payment via check from proceeds from sale minus commissions.

  • (If agreed upon) We provide a haul away service to clear the home of unsold property to either be donated, thrown away, or both depending on circumstance.

  • (If agreed upon) We thoroughly clean the home. Services include but are not limited to: General cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, etc.

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